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A group of seven Unitek nursing students and instructors pose for picture, they look happy, capable and confident

Healthcare & IT 程式

程式 in 看护,
Dental, 医疗协助 & IT

two nursing students smile for the camera and endorse the Unitek program

Vocational 看护

Make helping others your career as a Vocational Nurse.

This 12-month program provides the hands-on training, practical experience and industry support needed to pass the licensure exam and succeed as a Vocational Nurse.

medical assisting student training to draw blood


Rise to the challenge of medical assisting.

Learn the skills and gain the experience needed to excel as a Medical Assistant with this 9-month program. The curriculum emphasizes administrative and clinical skills and includes a supervised externship.

Unitek nursing student standing in a doctor's office

Bachelor of Science in 看护

Advance your patient care and your nursing career.

Students can take the next step towards a nursing careers with this 3-year program. Students with current LVNs can also apply for advanced placement status and complete the program in 2 years.

instructor uses patient weight scales on Unitek nursing student

Bachelor of Science in 看护 (RN-to-BSN) Online

Take your nursing skills to the next level.

RNs seeking the next level in their career can earn their BSN with this 12-month program. BSNs are the foundation for higher post-graduate study and allow for higher-level responsibilities, such as research, teaching and management positions.

Unitek instructor smiles for camera while standing in simulated doctor’s office


Prepare for a rewarding career as a Medical Office Administrator.

Prepare to provide exceptional patient administration with this 9-month program. This seven-course program teaches the fundamentals of health care, medical office procedures, business practices, patient interaction, medical records, insurance, coding and more.

hands with rubber gloves holding a dental tooth mold


Pursue a rewarding career as a dental assistant.

Prepare for the vital role of a dental assistant with this 10-month program. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the skills
and experience needed to succeed as a dental assistant, including supervised externship.

IT student stands among many colorful wires and stacks of hardware in a server room

信息技术 (IT) Professional

Accelerate your career in the fast-growing field of IT.

If you’re a fast learner and critical thinker, this 9-month program can prepare you to excel as an IT professional. Taught by experts, the curriculum combines in-class instruction, hands-on lab exercises and supervised externship.