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Vocational Nurse Training Program - LVN


Earn your BSN or ASVN degree

“As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves.”

Maya Angelou

The great Maya Angelou said it best: they may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel. 看护 is an honorable profession and an incredibly rewarding career. Not only do nurses save lives, but they offer compassion and kindness to those that need it most. They are often a source of comfort, safety, and security. If you are passionate about helping others, nursing may be a great career choice for you.

Heal Hearts, Minds, & Bodies

As a nurse, you will have the opportunity to heal hearts, minds, and bodies. Remember Maya Angelou’s words: they will never forget how you made them feel. 看护 is a noble career that often promises longevity and fulfillment. If you’d like to learn more about Unitek’s programs—and potentially take the first step in your nursing career—please contact one of our campuses.

Unitek College - 护理程序 - California

Vocational 看护 and Practical 护理程序

The Vocational 看护 and Practical 看护 程式 at Unitek College gives students the knowledge, training, and confidence they’ll need to pass the licensure exam. Licensed Vocational and Licensed Practical Nurses assist physicians and Registered Nurses with caring for the sick, injured, or disabled. These programs prepare students with 12 months of instruction, at least 900 hours of hands-on training, and access to healthcare facilities. Most importantly, the program prepares graduates for the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). This exam must be taken in order for graduates to become LVNs in California and LPNs in Nevada.

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Associate of Science in Vocational 看护

Vocational Nurses who have already completed an approved Vocational Nursing or Practical 看护 program can expand their education and training with the Associate of Science in Vocational 看护 (ASVN) Program at Unitek College. The program builds on the Vocational Nursing Diploma by adding the same 100% online General Education and Science courses required for students in the Bachelor of Science in 看护 (BSN) Program. The goal of this post-licensure program is to educate and develop Vocational Nurses to become well-rounded professionals through undergraduate General Education.

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Bachelor of Science in 看护 Program

The Bachelor of Science in 看护 (BSN) program can lead to a rewarding career as a Registered Nurse or can be a pathway for current LVNs  and Associate Degree RNs to take their career to the next level.  Attaining your BSN equips you with advanced tools and experience to meet more complex demands of healthcare and nursing today.

RNs play a vital role in our healthcare system. Among their many duties, they assess and document symptoms, responses, and improvement in patients. They also assist during surgeries and treatments, and they have the ability to administer medications. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is a three year program; however, those who have successfully completed nursing-board approved Vocational Nursing or Practical 看护 programs and the required General Education courses may qualify for Advanced Placement status at Unitek. This status would allow eligible students to complete the program in 2 years.

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RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in 看护) Completion Program

The RN-to-BSN (Bachelor of Science in 看护) program is a great step for RNs seeking leadership roles in their field. Gaining your BSN gives you the necessary tools and skillset to meet the more complex demands of healthcare. This is a degree-completion program that can be completed in as little as 12 months.1 The program is capped at 20 students per course to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Additionally, the program is online and easily accessible. RNs with a BSN degree typically have greater opportunities for career advancement, management positions, and higher salaries.

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RN Courses for International Nurses

On top of these options, Unitek also offers RN courses for international nurses. These courses may be ideal for international graduates that would like to work in California. During this process, you will need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and gain a license from the California State Board of Registered 看护 (BRN). However, the BRN may ask you to enroll in courses at an approved college before taking the NCLEX-RN exam.

If that’s the case, Unitek offers several courses that are approved by the BRN. They include Transition to Professional Nursing, Maternal/Newborn – Theory, Maternal/Newborn – Clinical, Nursing Across the Lifespan IV Med/Surg IV – Theory, and 看护 Across the Lifespan IV Med/Surg IV – Clinical.

Put yourself on the career path toward success by joining a community of remarkable students and educators. At Unitek College, you’ll never be just another face in the crowd.

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1 assuming maximum credit transfer