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College Campus -

Located in Southern California

Bakersfield Campus

Phone: (888) 912-8512

333 Palmer Dr. Suite 200
贝克斯菲尔德,加利福尼亚 93309

程式 offered:

Bakersfield BSN Program

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Bakersfield LVN Program

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Bakersfield MA Program

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Smaller Classes at Bakersfield

At the Bakersfield Campus, several classes are capped to allow each student’s voice to be heard. Smaller class sizes also give instructors more time with each student, enriching the experience for both student and teacher in these healthcare training programs.

Exciting Curriculums

Various Unitek programs prepare students by giving them access to healthcare facilities, simulation training, and extensive instruction. Most of these programs can be completed in a year or less. If you’re looking for a healthcare career and you’re short on time, Unitek’s Vocational 看护 program can be completed in as little as 12 months.

Bakersfield, a Great Location

The Bakersfield Campus is located near the Golden State Highway and Stockdale Highway. It’s surrounded by several establishments, such as the Bakersfield Spa Institute, In-N-Out Burger, Pizza Hut, Outback Steakhouse, Panda Express, and more.

About the Campus

  • Approximately 10,350 square feet
  • 4 classrooms
  • 2 skills labs
  • 2 computer labs
  • Student break room and study area
  • Faculty and administrative offices

程式 Offered

Bachelor of Science in 看护 Degree in Bakersfield: Students can take the next step in their nursing careers with this 3-year program. Students with current LVNs can also apply for advanced placement status and complete the program in 2 years.

Vocational 看护 program in Bakersfield: This program gives students the knowledge and skillset they’ll need to pass the licensure exam. If you like to help people, this program could be a great choice—healthcare careers are often incredibly rewarding.

医疗协助 Program in Bakersfield: This program equips students with the experience and skills they’ll need to excel as a Medical Assistant. A supervised externship is included!

Bakersfield Campus - Unitek College Healthcare Training